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Providing good customer service is vital for any business to succeed. Remit2India provides excellent customer service. Remit2India's Customer Care is dedicated to building customer loyalty. They don't simply give the customer what they want; they go beyond call of duty and ensure the customer receives a value added service at every stage.

Remit2India has been adjudged as the "“World's No. 1 Independent Online Money Transfer Portal" by AC Nielsen Org. This speaks volumes about the quality of service they provide.

Remit2India's customer care can be reached on the Toll Free numbers mentioned below:

1-866-73648-86 (US & Canada)
0800-635-1257 (U.K)
1-800-859-876 (Australia)
800-101-2666 (Singapore)

Remit2India Customer Care is also available on Chat. Simply log in and a Customer Service Executive will be more than happy to assist you on chat. This is a simple and fast way to get your queries answered.
Remit2India is the most reliable and economical money transfer portal in India.
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